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August-October 23 Newsletter

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August-October '23 Newsletter- Issue 138

In this issue, we talk to Tony, our Art Group Lead who is so passionate about our group and encourages anyone to give it a go. Page 17.

We will be celebrating Black History Month in October so we speak to one of our Black Carers, Sheri. Sheri is a natural care giver, caring for her boys, her neighbours and her community. "It is so important people understand different experiences, different situations, different perspectives, different backgrounds, different views and different opinions, different cultures and that my reality is going to be different from yours." Read on page 3.

We also learn about Leo, a Young Carer whose family runs a charity from home! The charity is set up to fundraise for research a genetic condition called Fibrodysplasia Ossificans Progressiva (FOP) which is an ultra-rare condition where the body grows unwanted bone, which is what Leos Leo’s elder brother Oliver has. Page 7

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