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Refer a Carer

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Refer a Carer

We accept referrals to our Adult Carers service for people aged 26 referrals for young people aged 5 - 15 and young adults, people aged 16 - 25 are referred to our Young Carers team.

Anyone can make a referral for an person, a professional, a friend or family member, or the person themselves.

Please fill out the form below, informing us of the following details:

  • The adults full name
  • Their address
  • Their age and date of birth
  • Their contant details- phone number and email address
  • Who do they care for?
  • The nature of the illness/disability of the person they care for?
  • Who is making the referral? Self, prefessional or other? - Please give details.

The more information, the better it is for us.

Please make sure if you are completing the referral on behalf of someone else that you have their permission to share those details.

After the referral is received, a caseworker may be in touch to see if they qualify for an assessment.