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Young Adult Support

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Young Adult Support

Girl smiling and looking at her phone
Girl smiling and looking at her phone

Everyone’s caring role is different and has unique circumstances. We can offer tailored support to ease the impact caring has

As a Young Adult Carer, you may have been caring for someone your whole life but may not recognise you are a carer because it becomes second nature to look after someone you love. Without the support, it can effect both physical and mental wellbeing and lead to carer breakdown.

If you provide support to a friend, partner, relative or neighbour who could not manage without you, then you are a carer and Trafford Carers Centre can help you.

Use our checklist to help you to identify if you are a carer.


Check if you're a Carer

Use our checklist to help you to identify if you are a carer.

Do you help a family member, child, friend or neighbour that:

  • is frail
  • has a disability or special needs
  • has a chronic illness and/or
  • has a mental health condition
  • has dementia/Alzheimer’s
  • has a substance misuse problem with drugs or alcohol

If so, do you do one or more of the following:

  • Provide regular and ongoing help?
  • Help with showering, toileting, dressing or other personal care?
  • Help with cleaning, cooking, shopping, transport and/or assistance with bills or other paperwork?
  • Help with medication or other health care?
  • Provide support to someone who would have difficulty managing on their own?
  • Receive Carers Allowance?

f any of these statements apply to you, Trafford Carers Centre is here to help you.

Young Adult Carers Referrals

If you think you’re a young adult carer or know someone who is by looking at the checklist above, please click below to be referred and be entitled to free support.

Make a Referral

Young Adult Carers Assessments and Reviews

All carers have the right to an assessment and review which looks at their needs and the impact that their caring role has on their wellbeing. It also gives carers the chance to talk about other things going on in their lives and look at what support they need to help them achieve the things they want to do day to day.

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Young Adult Carers Dedicated Support

Disabled, LGBTQ+ and BAME young carers face the same challenges that all caring roles come with, however, they may face even more barriers, like discrimination, stereotyping, cultural barriers which will make their caring role difficult. We can provide young adults with the extra and tailored support they require like College and University support and Digital Support.

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Bereavement Support

Resources providing guidance on how to support children and young people following bereavement.

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