About Us

PRTC-144Trafford Carers Centre is an independent registered Charity (1102075) that supports unpaid carers looking after someone who lives in the Trafford area.

Trafford Carers Centre was established in 1996 and is a Network Partner of Carers Trust. We have been offering support to carers for 20 years!

At the Centre we aim to support both young and adult carers to recognise their own needs, have their voices heard, help with their physical and mental wellbeing and ensure they are fully understood, valued and supported in their caring role.

There are an estimated 24,000 people in Trafford supporting someone living with an illness or disability or a mental health need. This is often done out of love or friendship and they do not get paid.

People often don’t recognise themselves as a carer but if you provide support to a friend, partner, relative or neighbour who could not manage without you, then you are a carer and Trafford Carers Centre can help you.

All caring journeys are different, at the Centre we tailor our help and support to each person’s unique situation.  All of our services are free of charge or subsidised.  We provide our services from a large number of community venues, including Doctor’s surgeries, hospitals and community centres, as well as from our Carers Centre hub on School Road and our Health & Wellbeing Centre on Curzon Road.  We can also visit carers in their own homes or near to where they live.


Vision, Aims & Objectives



  • To provide information, advice and support to all carers, former carers and those working with and for carers in and around the metropolitan borough of Trafford, aiming to improve carers physical, psychological and social lives.
  • To enable carers and former carers to have an independent voice to positively and effectively influence the development of relevant local services.
  • To promote any charitable purposes for the benefit of carers, former carers and those working with and for carers in and around the metropolitan borough of Trafford and in particular the advancement of education and furtherance of health and the relief of poverty, distress and sickness.

Our vision is:

To promote a society in which carers are fully understood, valued and supported, thus enabled to perform their critical, unique role as effectively as possible.

Long term strategic objectives

  • Carers know about the Centre and our services and perceive it as a service for them. All carers will be able to access our services.
  • Carers are more informed about services, their rights and other information that they need to carry out their caring role effectively.
  • Carers are able to recognise their own needs as important and are supported to take action to change their lives. So they will feel valued in their own right.
  • Carers will feel less stressed, isolated and healthier and thus better able to carry out their caring role.
  • Trafford Centre will help to fit carers’ needs better by strengthening the voice of carers.
  • Trafford Carers Centre team are supported to develop and are committed to continual improvement so that carers stay confident in the quality of the Centres services.
  • Trafford Carers Centre will endeavour to grow and develop in accordance with carers’ needs and will increase its resources and use them effectively and efficiently.