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Professional Resources

Helping your business with carers

Are you a buisness owner who supports carers? Get your Carer Friendly Employer Commitment Mark

Forward Carers- With the help of organisations, employers and healthcare providers, Care Friendly communities are creating places who open their eyes and hearts to unpaid carers in our community. Be part of that community.

Resources to help other professionals

Common Sense Confidentiality- This leaflet describes the information that can and can not be shared with carers about their cared for. Often hospital staff (especially with mental health staff) are nervous to give out any information as they are afraid of breaking confidentiality. Attached is a link for a document that gives carers and professionals all the information on what is appropriate / important to share with carers.

Trafford Professionals Children and Young People Support Guide- This guide will provide an overview of local support and services available to children, young people and families within Trafford.

Resources about Trafford Carers Centre