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Carers Quest 2024

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Carers Quest 2024

Fancy the chance to win £100? Join the Carers Quest

Join us for Carers Week from 10th to the 16th of June as we launch the exciting Carers Quest, a unique initiative designed to ‘Put Carers on the Map.’ This special campaign highlights the increasing pressures on carers and the need for carers to explore the area for more support from organisations, directly or indirectly.

What is Carers Quest?

Carers Quest is a treasure hunt-style event across Trafford where local organisations and businesses will host free drop-ins, activities, stalls, or items throughout Carers Week. This engaging initiative invites carers and the people they care for to explore various services, collect points, and have a chance to win exciting prizes. Prizes include £100 to the winner PLUS £50 for the runner up and £50 or a young carer.

How Does Carers Quest Work?

  1. Collect Your Booklet: Carers will receive a booklet containing information about all the participating events, activities, and stalls.
  2. Visit and Engage: Drop into any of the listed events throughout the week. Each visit will earn you a stamp in your booklet.
  3. Collect Points: Each stamp equals points that contribute to your chance of winning a prize.
  4. Submit Your Booklet: At the end of the week, submit your booklet to Trafford Carers Centre to be entered into the prize draw.

Why Participate?

  • Win Prizes and get discounts around Trafford.
    • Discover Support: Connect with information, advice, groups, activities, and events that you might not have been aware of.
    • Raise Awareness: Help raise the profile of carer identity and support in your community.
    • Combat Isolation: Engage with others, reducing the feeling of isolation that many carers experience.
    • Build Relationships: Establish long-term connections with local organisations that can provide ongoing support.

Who Can Participate?

This event is open to all unpaid carers, including those supporting individuals who are frail, have a disability, special condition, mental health condition, Alzheimer’s, dementia, or addiction. The activities are designed to accommodate both the carer and the person they care for.

How to Get Started

To participate, simply collect your Carers Quest booklet from Trafford Carers Centre or get it posted out and start planning your visits! Each stamp you collect brings you one step closer to a rewarding prize and opens up a world of support and resources.

Join us in celebrating and supporting the incredible work of carers in our community. Let’s make Carers Week an event to remember!