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Meet The Lightning Bee Reporters

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Meet The Lightning Bee Reporters

Posted: 23.6.22

As an introduction to the Lightning Bee project hosted by Media Cubs, our budding reporters got thrown straight into the deep end with an exciting presenting opportunity!

The team took no time to get in front of the camera with microphone in hand to introduce themselves and tell us a little more about their interests and hobbies.

This was a great chance to get to know each other more and get used to the basics of video making.

Already bursting with confidence, the team will now be using their abilities to create more exciting videos together about topics of their choice, learning lots more media and communication skills along the way.

Meet The Team!

Ria (17)

Tristan (15)

Kirsty (14)

Maria (14)

Hannah (16)

Atika (18)

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