The Young Carers Project

Full group - LegolandAlongside carer assessments and reviews, our young carers casework navigators,also run young carer groups.

Whether you have an assessment or not, once you have returned the consent form you can join our young carer’s evening group. These run on Wednesday evenings from 5:30pm-7:30pm.

We run two groups, one for ages 5-11 and another for ages 12-17 years (or for those in full time education). Each group runs monthly and information about which group is running is available by our Facebook/Twitter page and by text.

* We do a range of activities in the groups, from arts and crafts, to film and pizza nights, creative writing to gardening, games and much more!

* We also bring in guest speakers from different support services to encourage young people to engage with other support networks as well as ours.


IMG_9645The group is somewhere for young carers to get away from their caring role for a short time and socialise with other young carers in similar situations to themselves.

The activities put on differ from month to month but are majority led by the young carers attending the groups. Some weeks young carers go on a bowling trip other weeks they may watch films, play games or just chat. Whatever activity takes place Alison & Kirsty will ensure a safe environment to relax.

If you are a young carer and would like to attend the group contact Kirsty or Alison on 0161 848 2400. 

If transport to the group is a problem please let us know.


NB: We arecurrently looking to start up a young adult carer group for carers between the age of 18-24. If you would like to help set this group up or have any suggestions please call us on 0161 848 2400