Health and Wellbeing

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Carers Assessments

All carers are entitled to request a carers assessment; which looks at your needs as a carer and helps to identify any support you require.  An assessment can be completed a number of different ways including; over the telephone, in person with one of our workers (either at your own home or in a different venue), or through a self-assessment.  For more information, please see our Advice and Information booklet.

Health Checks and Carers Health

health checksStudies have shown that caring can have a direct and significant impact on the carer’s health:  In particular carers are more likely to suffer from poor sleep, back problems, stress related illnesses and depression.  Carers often put their own health as a low priority, due to their caring role.  It an be sometimes be difficult to leave the person who is being cared for in order to attend medical appointments.  Carers may also worry that admitting to having medical problems may be seen as not coping.

In order to help carers improve their health, and remain fit and well, the Centre offers a comprehensive Carers Health Check through our resident Carers Nurse, Lorna McLauchlan:  Our nurse will help to identify any areas of concern, and can then also provide one-to-one or group training on a variety of health related topics.  You may also find our Taking Care of Yourself and Being Healthy and Active information sheets useful.

Trafford Carers Centre works closely with many GP practices throughout Trafford to help support carers; ask your GP or surgery receptionist if a Carers Centre Caseworker is available to see you at your surgery.

Health & Wellbeing Centre

In February 2016 Trafford Carers Centre opened a dedicated Health & Wellbeing Centre to support carers physical & emotional wellbeing.

The centre offers counselling, therapies, a variety of workshops and a number of clubs, forums & support groups.

The centre is managed by Andrea Fawcett and also houses our Carers Nurse Lorna McLauchlan.

For more information about our Health & Wellbeing offer contact our Helpline on 0161 848 2400, or contact us through the website.

My Care App

The My Care App is essentially an app to help carers / family members take better care of themselves. It gives advice on how to manage stress, exercise, healthy eating, sleep, etc. Find attached below, a leaflet on how to download the app.


my care app

How to download the my care app or view the web based app at MyCare