Why support Trafford Carers Centre?

PRTC-144Choosing to support Trafford Carers Centre can make a big difference to thousands of unpaid carers looking after someone with a prolonged illness, disability, mental health need or substance misuse issue.

Read why your support is helping carers to feel less isolated, recgnise their own needs and achieve their own aspirations.

Because your support means that no carer has to be alone when caring begins

Finding yourself as a carer can sometimes happen overtime whereas for others it can happen overnight. It can be very hard on everyone involved but more so for the person making what can be a life-changing decision to take on caring responsibilities.

Your support ensures our casework navigators can provide all the help a carer needs right from the beginning of their carer journey.

Because your support means that carers don’t have to live in isolation

PRTC-178Being a carer can often lead to isolation with a carer having to give up work or unable to afford social activities.

Your support means that carers can have a wide range of support groups and activities to attend, friendships to form and always a friendly face to meet.

Because your support can help enable a carer to achieve their own aspirations

Many carers give up work to look after a loved one, which can often lead to decreased confidence. When caring ends getting back into work can be difficult, Trafford Carers Centre runs a number of workshops from laughter workshops to confidence building all designed to help a carer work towards recognising their own needs and achieving their own aspirations.

Your support means that Trafford Carers Centre can continue to offer workshops and work with businesses across Trafford to help them attain Carer Friendly status and to help carers into education or work.

Because your support can help to make a carers life better

Carers high res day 2 068Your support is empowering carers to achieve their own aspirations, recognise their own needs and have their voices heard. If you want to find out more about the stories you have helped make happen, please read our latest newsletters and annual review: