Keeping it safe & legal

img_2746Fundraising can be a fun and rewarding experience. However it is also important that you protect yourself, your fellow fundraisers and Trafford Carers Centre.

When you are fundraising for us there are a number of laws and regulations you need to be aware of to make sure your event runs smoothly and safely. Not all of these will be relevant to the event or activity you are organising, so please read the sections which are relevant to you.

If you have any queries or need additional advice then please contact the Fundraising Team on 0161 848 2400 option 4



  • First Aid

Ensure you have adequate cover available for the size of your event, if you are holding a large event St John’s Ambulance or the Red Cross can provide first aid support for a small fee.

  • Food

Contact your local council for food hygiene regulations at events or visit for more information.

Alcohol Make sure you check that the venue is licensed or contact your local council to find out more about gaining a temporary licence.

  • sonia-at-the-top-of-the-towerCollections

It is illegal to carry out street and house to house collections without a licence. Contact the fundraising team on 0161 848 2400 to find out about obtaining a licence or joining one of our organised collections.

  • Licences

For some events you may need to obtain a special licence for eg. Public entertainment, collection or alcohol licences. Check with the local council to find out whether your event needs one.

  • Raffles and Lotteries

For raffles you must charge a standard price for each individual ticket (no discounts) and to draw the name of the winner before the event is over. You can use cloakroom tickets for this kind of raffle. However if you plan to run your raffle over a longer period of time or sell tickets at more than one venue, you will need to purchase a local lottery license from your council and have specially printed tickets. Visit for the latest information and advice.

  • Risk Assessment

Identify any hazards and evaluate any risks at your event that you will need to consider.