Do Your Own Fundraising

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If you are thinking about organising a fundraising event, either big or small, follow our 10 easy steps to get you started.

  1. Idea – make sure your fundraising idea is fun! Pick something fun and that everyone wants to get involved with.
  2. Share – tell the fundraising team at the Carers Centre about your idea so we can help you make it as successful as possible. We have lots of fundraising materials available to help make your event a success, such as; Balloons, banners, poster templates, collection buckets, sponsorship forms and t-shirts.
  3. Specifics – set a date, a venue and fundraising target. It doesn’t matter when you hold your event, however remember to keep in mind your target audience. Weekends are good for enticing families, evenings make sense for a film night or Come Dine With Me evenings and mornings can be good for Mum’s after the school run.
  4. Pennies – think about your budget – the more cost savings you make, the more you’ll raise to help support our Carers.
  5.  Spread the word – try and get as much free advertising as possible through local newspapers and displaying posters up in local businesses. The fundraising team at the Carers Centre can also advertise your event on our website, Facebook and Twitter pages so make sure you register your event with the fundraising team as soon as possible.
  6. Friends – get help from your friends; many hands make light work!
  7. Safety first – stay safe and on the right side of the law with our risk assessment template and FAQ’s on our website.
  8. Gift Aid it – if you’re gaining sponsorship please use our forms which will allow Gift Aid to be claimed, this is an extra 25p for every £1 you raise!
  9.  Our Carers –If you start to flag, remember all the people you will be helping at the Carers Centre through your event and inspire potential donors by letting them know that every penny you raise will be transforming lives.
  10.  Let’s celebrate – keep in touch and tell us how you got on, send us your pictures and we can post them on our Facebook page.

And finally, remember that we’re here to help. We have a great team of staff and volunteers who can help. So if you want to chat about anything, or need any advice or fundraising materials, please  get in touch and speak to the fundraising team at Trafford Carers Centre on 0161 848 2402 or email

When fundraising for charity it is also important that you protect yourself, your fellow fundraisers and Trafford Carers Centre. When you are fundraising for us there are a number of laws and regulations you need to be aware of to make sure your event runs smoothly and safely. See here for our Keeping It Legal and Safe guidelines.

Download your own Fundraising Pack