Carers Newsletter Sponsorship

mar apr 110Sponsorship package cost – £10,000 per year 

In its printed form the Carers Newsletter reaches a direct audience of over 3500 with additional reach through being available to people at GP surgeries, hospitals and a number of businesses across Trafford.

This is a very captive audience that you could be benefiting from.

As the sponsor for our Carers Newsletter you will benefit from:

  • Dedicated account manager to work with you and your staff and help you towards achieving Carer Friendly Employer status!
  • Carer Awareness Training for your staff
  • Your logo displayed on the front page
  • A full page advertisement in each newsletter for the term of your sponsorship
  • Press release announcing your sponsorship
  • News article on Trafford Carers website
  • 10 Newsletters to distribute or display per printed issue
  • Minimum of 1 Post per month on social media; Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn

Why should you get involved?

  • You may have employees who are unpaid carers- We are all aware of how it can be a struggle to juggle a work-life balance. This can be even more difficult when the individual is caring for another person, which can sometimes have a negative impact on their work. By supporting our Carers Newsletter, you are showing your support for carers both in and out of the workplace.
  • You may have customers/clients who are unpaid carers – By showing support for these customers, you build a stronger relationship with them. This will make them more likely to return to your business.
  • It raises your profile in the community – Giving support to a local charity enables you to become more established in the community which will build your customer base.
  • Training/Workshops – At Trafford Carers Centre, we want to assist local organisations and businesses in identifying and supporting carers. We are happy to offer training sessions and workshops to your employees about the work we do and how they can help carers.

To talk to our team about sponsoring the newsletter pr any of our other sponsorship opportunities please call 0161 848 2400 option 4.