Emergency Card Scheme

Do you worry what would happen if you had an accident or were suddenly taken ill whilst away from the person you care for?

Trafford Carers has developed a Emergency Card Scheme to give you peace of mind should an emergency arise and is available to all carers in Trafford.

What is the Emergency Card Scheme?

It is a free scheme which issues you with a small card that you can carry in your purse or wallet at all times. In the event of an accident or emergency, it will tell the finder of the card that you are a carer with someone at home who may be in urgent need of attention. It instructs the finder to telephone the Carers Centre, quoting the unique serial number printed on the card and our staff will then access confidential instructions you have provided for the alternative care of the person you are looking after. If you don’t know anyone who could take over from you in an emergency, then Social Services will provide any urgent support.

Can I use the Card for Minor Emergencies?

YES! The card can also be used by you for unplanned minor emergencies. This could be things like:

  • You may have unexpected transport problems and you will be delayed coming home
  • You may need to take someone other than the person you care for to the hospital in an emergency
  • You need unplanned medical attention yourself and need to see your doctor unexpectedly

In these circumstances you can ring the telephone number on the card yourself and the Centre will arrange to send out a care worker for up to four hours to keep the person you care for safe. They will not necessarily be able to do everything you would normally do but they will ensure that the person is kept safe and help them with anything important. If you are longer than a few hours then the caseworker will contact the Centre and access your confidential instructions for emergency support. In some circumstances support can be arranged for longer periods up to 48 hours.

The Centre staff will not give any information about you or the cared for to the person who calls.

Is it confidential?

There are no personal details on the card itself.

How do I get an Emergency Card?

To join the scheme, you will need to complete an application form giving details about the person you care for and his/her needs, plus names of one or two emergency contacts or key holders, if possible. It doesn’t matter if you don’t know anyone, as Social Services will provide any urgent support. The form also asks about your plans in the event of your own death. This information sheet is then placed on file at the Centre to be referred to in the event of an accident or emergency. You will be sent an emergency card with your unique serial number, together with a copy of the application form to be passed to any emergency contact(s) you have nominated.

Once you have your card, you can rest assured that the person you care for will not be forgotten in an emergency. However, if your information changes please let us know.

Ring our Helpline on 0161 848 2400 to receive an application form.