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Lead: Lorna Lloyd, Strategic Growth Officer Trafford Council.



  • Registered Providers
  • Developers
  • Care Providers
  • Age UK
  • Housing Standards (DFGs)
  • Adult Services – Trafford Council


Purpose: To drive forward the actions relating housing for older people as contained within the Housing Strategy Action Plan 2018-2023.


  1. Consult with older residents to establish their housing, support and future care needs – linked to the development of the Older People’s Housing Strategy.
  2. Develop an Older People’s Accommodation Strategy.
  3. Increase the accommodation options and choices for Older People including where justified / required extra care, life-time homes and suitable / accessible general market housing.
  4. Research and introduce a range of financial products and incentives to enable Older People to continue living in their own home or move to a more suitable dwelling – linked to the Older People’s Housing Strategy.
  5. Explore options and support requirements for ‘co-housing’ – linked to the Older People’s Housing Strategy.
  6. Explore options and support requirements for ‘Homeshare’ – linked to the Older People’s Housing Strategy.


Frequency of meetings:

  • Quarterly/Bi-monthly
  • Meetings to commence January 2019.



Telephone Number: 0161 912 4176



Trafford Carers Centre recently launched working in partnership with Selfhelp services to support all carers in Trafford.

Caring for someone, over time can have negative health and wellbeing effects, due to the many pressures of caring for someone over time. Caring for many also involves providing emotional support as well as a mix of home support, moving and handling and advocating on behalf of the person you care for.

As often the case, many carers will put the needs of the person they care for first, before considering their own needs to stay healthly and well.  Caring can be stressful and isolating.

Our research : Caring in Trafford in 2017,  indicated that many of our carers that responded (57%) provide over 50 -100 hours a week looking after someone.  With this commitment, many carers can experience Anxiety and or Depression and are limited to find time to access traditional support services.  As part of our support for carers, working in partnership with Selfhelp services 

Carers can access broad range of self guided support programmes, from the comfort of your own home.

Trafford Carers Centre also recognises that not all carers have access to a computer and internet at home, we can also offer a private consultation room, that can be booked by calling the Administration phoneline on 0161 848 2400, which can be used by any carer to access Selfhelp resources, we will provide you with access to these courses and refreshments.

To request access to these services follow this link :


Improving Mental Health

Self Help provide a range of support, services and opportunities, across the North West of England, for people living with mental health problems such as anxiety, depression, phobias and panic attacks.

Support and services offered :

peer support

Meet others with similar experiences. We offer a range of peer support which allow people, with lived experience of a mental health problem, to provide help and support to someone who is experiencing a similar difficulty.

Find out more about Peer Support

the sanct

Don’t struggle alone. We provide mental health crisis support, overnight from 6pm – 1am, to adults who are experiencing anxiety, panic attacks, depression, suicidal thoughts or are in crisis.

Find out more about our crisis support



With eTherapy, you can work through a series of exercises on your computer screen and learn self-help techniques to help you manage any problems in your life and feel better about yourself.

Find out more about eTherapy


selfhelp talk

Let’s talk about it. We provide a range of Talking Therapies that can help you work out how to deal with negative thoughts and feelings and make positive changes to your life.

Find out more about Talking Therapies