Throughout the year Trafford Carers Centre attends a number of community events from fun days to bonfires to run a charity stall.


There are 2 opportunities available within Events; Event Co-ordinator & Event Assistant

Event Coordinator responsibilities include:

  • Represent Trafford Carers Centre
  • Collect materials to run the pitch from Trafford Carers Centre
  • Setup the pitch
  • Manage Trafford Carers Centre volunteers at the event
  • Ensure the stall is ran professionally at intervals throughout the event
  • Close down the pitch
  • Return left over stock, funds raised and materials to Trafford Carers Centre

Time commitment: Approximately 7 hours per event

Event Assistant responsibilities include:

  • Represent Trafford Carers Centre
  • Help setup the pitch
  • Assist in the running of the stall throughout the event
  • Help close down the pitch

Time commitment: Approximately 2-5 hours per event


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