The first place to start when thinking about cycling is also the obvious one – you need a bike! If you have one at home, make sure the tyres are fully pumped and that the bike’s size suits you. If you stand over the bike, there should be about an inch between your body and the frame, or local cycling shops can help.


The next thing to keep in mind is the equipment you’ll need – you’ll definitely need a helmet to keep yourself safe while cycling and most cyclists recommend padded cycling shorts to ensure you’ve got enough padding between you and the saddle. 


To make sure you’ll be safe, plan your route out in advance and let a friend know where you’ll be, and how long you’ll be gone for. If you’re setting a goal distance to cycle, like the 100 mile challenge for Cycle for Carers, build your way up to it slowly, and let your body adjust to the new exercise.


You can track your rides using apps like Strava, or any fitness trackers you have. Tracking how much you’re riding can ensure you keep to your goals, and make sure you aren’t doing too much too quickly. It’s also a great motivator to see cycling distances going up!


Lastly, make sure you’re having fun! Cycling is a great cardiovascular exercise, and doing exercise gives you endorphins which can help to fight depression and anxiety, but getting outside and spending time seeing the local environment can also improve your mood.


Everyone has been affected by Covid-19. But for people who are already struggling, things have become even harder. Many of our carers are at breaking point and they need us now more than ever. 


Throughout June we are running a fundraising challenge, Cycle for Carers, to raise awareness and fundraise for carers in the local region. Would you like to take on the challenge? We’d love to hear from you! 

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