We know that juggling the needs of different people is something that carers already do on a daily basis. But with the schools closed there may be one or more extra people around the house to think about. Here are a few things which might help over the coming weeks, as we work to control the spread of Coronavirus (COVID-19).

Talking to children and young people about Coronavirus

There are lots of resources online to support this, including:

There are also a range of resources for young people which you might like to show your child.

Responding to Coronavirus

There are lots of general resources available to support parents through the Coronavirus outbreak, including:

Self isolation

There are lots of tips and ideas for things to do at home on social media. If you are unwell, then take the time to rest and recover! If you are practising social distancing to help control the spread of Coronavirus, then this article from the BBC might be helpful. There are also lots of online educational resources for young people, many of which are offering free access at the moment.

Anxiety and wellbeing

It is understandable that times of uncertainty can make people of all ages feel anxious. This article from Hey Sigmund has some good tips on being able to talk about these anxieties and reassure your child. Hand in Hand Parenting has this piece on strengthening children and young people after news of a world trauma. There is lots of advice for adults supporting mental health of young people on MindEd, which is funded by the Department for Health and the Department for Education.

Our helpline remains open Monday to Friday, 10am – 4pm. Please call 0161 8482400 to talk to our team about any concerns you have in dealing with Coronavirus, or anything else in your role as a carer.

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