Financial assessment

Trafford Carers Centre has been working closely with Trafford Council’s Financial Assessment team to look at how we can simplify some of the information you may come across should you need to go through the process. We spoke to Helen Machin who told us this…..

“The Council recognises that having to arrange care for someone or place a loved one in to a care home can be a difficult time. It is often the first time a carer has had contact with adult social services and as well as the stressful and emotional decisions relating to the required level of care and available providers, there is also the financial conversation that needs to take place as early on as possible so that the decisions can be made hand in hand.

Although there are rules around how much each person is required to pay towards their care, it is based on personal household and financial circumstances and so it can be difficult to give general advice. There are some common themes though and I am going to share some of those with you in the coming newsletters but I wanted in this first article to introduce you to the dedicated caseworker team, who are here to help you through the financial part of this journey.

In complex cases the Council provides a Caseworker to take people through the financial assessment journey. The Caseworker will be a single point of contact from the beginning of the financial process to the moment the first payment for care has been received. Their role is to provide information on how financial assessments are calculated, explanations of how  Council funding works in relation to the cost of the care and the client contribution, they will discuss Deferred Payment Agreements, alternative funding arrangements, top up charges and they will check that you are on the correct benefits for your circumstances.

The first part of the financial journey starts once a Social Worker has completed a needs assessment and determined what type of care is required. They will discuss with the person and their family the cost of care and explain that, in cases where the person has less than £23,250 in capital, a financial assessment will be required in order to determine how much they will be required to pay towards the cost of the care.

Where a case has more complex financial circumstances, such as capital being tied up in a property, or the family has no official way of accessing funds, the Social Worker will refer the case to the dedicated Caseworker to explain in further details the options for funding care. This is when the Caseworker ethos begins, ‘a person should only have to tell their story once’. The Caseworker will contact the relevant person over the phone in order to discuss the situation and offer the appropriate advice, they will also offer a face to face meeting where required. The Caseworker will remain in place until all financial issues have been dealt with right up to ensuring a standing order has been completed in order to pay for care. If the Caseworker recognises that further support may be required, such as a benefits check or help with finances when there is no-one else to offer support, they will make the initial contact and explain the situation to the person who can offer that support.  Remember, the Caseworker is here to help YOU.

For further information regarding the Caseworker please email

You can arrange to meet a Caseworker from the Financial Assessment Team at Trafford Carers Centre if you have any questions surrounding the process. Please call 0161 848 2400 to book an appointment.


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