From 17th July Trafford Carers Centre is piloting a new way of supporting carers through a ‘3 Conversation Model’

The conversation model is designed to offer carers a more person centred approach to support. Our caseworkers will have ‘conversations’ with you, the carer, to best understand what is happening for you in your caring role and how it is impacting on your health and wellbeing.

Conversation 1 is designed to understand what really matters to you, Connecting you to resources and support that can help you continue with your caring role independently.

Conversation 2 may happen if you as a carer find yourself at breaking point. What can we do to help you identify what needs to change urgently to help you regain control of your life. Caseworkers will be able to apply on your behalf to a Carers Support Fund.

Conversation 3 is looking at the helping you build a good life for the long term and will generally take the form of a detailed Statutory Carers Assessment.

The 3 Conversation model replaces the traditional Flexible Break Fund. Carers will need to have a ‘conversation’ with a caseworker in order for us to identify the best support available to you at that time.  This may be looking at assets available in your community or providing a small budget to help you regain control of your life.

Through the Conversation Model if a caseworker identifies a need to access the Carers Support Fund they will work prepare documentation that will be presented to a panel for decision to be made.

Obviously all carers deserve some ‘time out’ but our dilemma is often in the judgement of who needs it most.  When making a decision we take into account the carers stress levels, health needs, other support & services received, intensity of caring role, other additional responsibilities and how isolated the carer is to help prioritise awards. We will also consider the best use of the Carer Support Fund and how it will benefit the carer in both the long and short term. We will look at your caring situation and how it impacts on your own health, social life and relationships.

The Carers Support Fund is a personalised fund allocated by Trafford Council. The panel is made up 2 Senior Managers and up to 2 caseworkers independent of the case. Cases will be reviewed twice a week throughout the pilot (July 17th – October 13th). You will be notified of a decision within 1 week of your case being presented.

If you are unhappy with your decision you have the right to appeal by writing to the Chief Executive at Trafford Carers Centre, 19B School Road, Sale, M33 7XX, who will review the panel’s decision. The Chief Executive’s decision is final.

If you currently hold a flexible Break Fund Application these will still be accepted until 15th September 2017 with panel meetings taking place the last Wednesday of the month (apart from August which will take place on 23rd August). 

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