Greater Manchester Carers Consortium ( GMCC,) are excited to announce we will be working with the company Evergreen Life to enable Carers and their loved ones to gain control of their Health and Wellbeing.

Evergreen Life are offering their Personal Health Record mobile phone app for free across England. The app allows the user to store all of their personal health information and share it with anyone involved in their Health and Wellbeing.  This offers people an unprecedented ability to involve their carer in their care.

Working in partnership with  Greater Manchester Carers Consortium ( GMCC,)  the existing features of the app can be used by all of the people we are trying to support and together, we will ensure that future features are developed with carers’ needs and wants in mind.

Gavin Williams CEO of Trafford Carers recently said this about the app:

“I have been using the app from Evergreen life, as a busy CEO, I have very little time to manage my health and personal goals, I live with three long term conditions, by using the apps features, I am able to hold my own health record, set reminders and even share my information with professionals.

I have to visit three different specialists, based in three different hospitals, all of which use different patient systems, this is complicated by the fact that my GP is not always kept update with my consultant treatment plans. I have now the ability to be in control of my own health journey.

I also care for a close relative, who has Multiple Sclerosis, and has many types of health care needs. Being able to support her to register her details and share her record with me, helps me in my caring role to coordinate her care, advocate for her, with her health team with up to date information and set prompts to alert her to take her mediations at prescribed times.  I am delighted to finally feel that I am sitting at the table with my own health record, being able to better prepare myself to manage my own health needs, and the person I care for.”  

At a recent event to support Carers Rights Day in Trafford, Evergreen Life announced their newest feature which will be released in the coming months.  In conjunction with the NHS Patient Online programme, carers who download the app will be able to download their GP record into their Evergreen Life Personal Health Record.  The user will be able to see their complete GP record and share it with anyone they wish to in their care circle.  They will also be able to interact with their GP through their mobile phone app, order their repeat prescriptions and even book appointments!

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