swimmingA few weeks ago we were happy to find that a lovely lady called Pauline was fundraising for ourselves and Cancer Research UK. She is swimming fifty miles to honour the memory of her mother, Mildred Rhodes (who died due to Dementia in December 2015) – and to celebrate turning 50! Her sister Linda was a registered carer with us while Mildred was ill and was thankful for the support she received.

Pauline has always enjoyed swimming as it allows her to reminisce on her time with her mother. This has been the motivation to complete her 50 mile challenge.

Pauline is doing a fantastic job so far, she has just hit ten miles and aims to complete her fifty miles by summer! Please be sure to show your support and give a donation via her JustGiving page linked here: https://www.justgiving.com/Pauline-Lee1/

This has come at a fantastic time as it coincides with our 20th Anniversary during which we will be holding many of our own fundraisers to raise our target £20,000.

If you have been inspired by Pauline’s story and want to hold fundraiser too, contact Kelly on 0161 848 2400.

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