We are proud to announce we are in negotiation with Manchester Medical School to provide a teaching environment and placement scheme for student doctors to spend some time with us,  with our staff and carers to understand the impact of caring on health and wellbeing, and to help them develop a “ carer friendly “ practice, before they start their medical carer.

We would become part of the Community Day Placement Scheme with the Medical School, whereby student doctors can select to come to us as part of their training, as you can appreciate student doctors have to learn a wide range of clinical and non-clinical skills, before they start their career in practice.

We are looking to enrich the experience of the student doctors, in that we would like to provide the following experience for the student doctors:

  • CEO to provide a 30 min talk to the student doctors on Carer awareness and national statistics on the impact of caring on both physical and mental health
  • To develop a team of volunteer carers that would be interested in providing a supported learning environment, through a luncheon session, to discuss the health impacts of caring for someone, what a good doctor looks like and where areas of practice can be improved
  • Recruit a lead volunteer that would help coordinate the teaching placements during the life of the partnership

Please can you contact us if you would like to be part of the team of carers that will be supported to provide the supported learning environment to help shape the next generation of doctors….

We will provide a lead coordinator that will book you into slots on rotation (no more than 4 a month) for you to come into the centre, have lunch with student doctors and be part of this exciting new partnership.


Please email or contact Lynne Berry on 0161 848 2402 or email info@traffordcarerscentre.org.uk

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  • Ann Boden

    Please can you help me I’m in desperate need of getting a grant so I can make a safe fire exit out of my back garden as it stands I can only get out side the back door on a bit of decking in my electric wheel chair
    I’ve applied to loads of grant company’s with no result I really don’t know which way to turn now or who els to ask
    Meany thanks

    November 4, 2015 at 3:28 pm
    • Grace

      Hi Ann, Thanks for you comment.
      Trafford Carers Centre is an independent charity that supports unpaid carers in the borough of Trafford. A carer is someone who supports a friend, relative or loved one who through illness, disability, frailty or old age, is unable to manage without them. Carers are not paid for their role, and often sacrifice their own wellbeing and struggle financially due to their caring role.
      If you feel you meet this criteria please call our helpline on 0161 848 2400. Thanks

      November 17, 2015 at 4:22 pm

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