My face when I realised there was less than 3 weeks to go until the Marathon:


After a bumpy week or so, my running is firmly back on track and I’m feeling positive (if a teeny  huge bit nervous) about race day.  A big part of this is down to doing something I was very skeptical about:  I’ve ditched the tech.  I’ve stopped listening to my GPS tell me how many minutes each mile has taken me, and I’ve stopped listening to music.  I’ve been listening to my body; running at a comfortable pace, speeding up when I felt able to and slowing down when I needed.  I’ve been enjoying the views on my runs and saying hello to fellow runners.  It was terrifying at first, but now I feel liberated!  And I’ve even got faster!  I’d recommend it to everyone!


This week we’re sorting out our running vests, look out for the Carers Centre logo on the way round!

We’re collecting sponsorship over on our Justgiving page, every penny helps, so if you can spare even a few pounds, it is very much appreciated!  Huge thanks to everyone who has sponsored us so far!

18 days to go!!!




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