Love conquers all

Daniel and Rebekah have been married for over 50 years.  Several years ago the vows of ‘for better or for worse, in sickness and in health’ were brought back to mind, when Daniel developed a long term health condition and Rebekah began to care for him, and a little while later Rebekah herself became ill.

Now they care for each other, and doing so has brought them closer together.  They work together as a team, caring for one another, and supporting each other.  Determined not to rely on anyone else, the couple work together to do anything that they need, including helping each other with getting dressed and administering medications. To help with this, they moved to a supported living apartment; it’s fully adapted and accessible, and has all the equipment they need.   Doing this means that they can really enjoy their life together, in the privacy of their own home, but with help on hand if needed.  They stay active, enjoy their hobbies and spending time together.  Trafford Carers Centre has supported them with information and advice, as well funding for them to enjoy breaks together.

Caring for each other is now another dimension of their marriage; another way that they show how much they love each other.


Not many people imagine, on their wedding day, that they might end up caring for the person that they love.  Whether through accident, illness or old age, 1 in 10 people in Trafford is caring for a loved one.  Although it can put extra stresses and strains on a relationship, it can also bring people closer together.

This Valentine’s day, show how much you care for your sweetheart by making a donation in their name to Trafford Carers Centre.  Tweet us @TraffordCarers with your note for your loved one, and we’ll retweet it to our followers.



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