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Christmas is notoriously a busy time in everyone’s calendar from buying and wrapping the gifts to the everyday chores of going to work or school, homework or housework . Can you imagine if you had the responsibility of caring for someone who couldn’t manage without you, trying to juggle their health & wellbeing with their own and then adding the Christmas rush on top?

This December why not put yourself in the shoes of a carer and challenge yourself to take part in Trafford Carers Centre Jingle Juggle; from the Elf-Scapade to wearing a festive jumper.

We have suggested 24 different fundraising activities, for you to take part in and it’s up to you how many & which you choose to do. Adding that extra challenge to your already busy calendar will give you just a little taste of what life can be like as a carer.

How to take part: 

1. Download our Jingle Juggle Activities Poster and  select 1 (or more) activity.

2. Register your activity by emailing fundraising@traffordcarerscentre.org.uk

3. Download the Fundraising Pack

4. Have fun and tell everyone about it. Tweet #JingleJuggle

Activities you can take part in (See activities poster for more details):

1. Bah Humbug – Charge a fee everytime someone mentions anything about Christmas

2. Christmas Slim – Sponsored slim down before the Christmas treats take over

3. Elf Auction – Auction off people’s helpful skills from brewing up to cleaning.

4.  Jingle Juggle Wishes – download our poster instead of sending Christmas Cards

5. Festive Jumper Day – wear something festive and donate to Trafford Carers Centre

6. Create & Craft – make something festive and sell it to your colleagues

7. Carol-oke – Hold your own X-Factor and either donate to sing or donate to get people to stop!!

8. Secret Santa – Donate a £1 from your budget

9. Speed Decorate – Have a competition to see who can decorate their desk the fastest and make a donation

10. Festive Photobomb – Download the Jingle Juggle Photobomb Challenge

11. Christmas Quiz – Hold a quiz for Trafford Carers Centre

12. Christmas Bake Off – show off your baking skills and then sell your treats

13. Nosy Rudolph – pin the nose on rudolph, who can get the closest?

14. Elf-Scapade – dress up as elves and hold a fun run.

15. Wrap Up! – Offer to wrap presents for a small fee

16. Christmas Raffle – Ask local businesses to donate prizes and hold a raffle

17. Cheese & Crackers – Host a lunch for your friends or colleagues and ask for a donation

18. Festive Tucker – Open a charity tuck shop

19. Bag Pack – join in on one of our festive bagpacks

20. Jingling Presents – Make a present shaped money box and lighten your pockets of all that loose change

21. Jingle Juggle Party – Organise your own party and put a donation box by the DJ

22. Man vs Sprouts – A sprout eating competition where you can charge the spectators

23. Gift Amnesty – clear your cupboards of all those old gifts and hold a sale

24. Christmas Bonus – Maybe not your whole Christmas bonus but why not donate your last hours pay?


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